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Renato Mariani

Renato is a highly respected South Florida business executive with a distinguished career spanning some 30+ years. He has held senior leadership positions in companies ranging from startup organizations to some of the world’s largest telecom, technology and specialty manufacturing companies, supporting both domestic (USA & Canada) and international (Caribbean, Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, UK and France) markets.

Renato’s accomplished expertise encompasses business management, engineering, marketing, sales, business development, business consulting, business planning and financial analysis.

A senior member of the Amerivest team, Renato works with business Buyers, Sellers and Private Equity firms to identify business opportunities, develop and optimize exit strategies and manage the buy/sell process to successful conclusion. He supports all business segments including highly specialized technical sectors such as; When choosing to buy or sell a business, understanding the dynamics of the current market is extremely important. Renato closely monitors Florida business trends, pricing trends, inventory changes, and other factors that affect buyers and sellers.

For Business Sellers, pricing and promotion are two of the most important success factors. This is the foundation that places the seller on the path to a quicker sale. Renato utilizes his marketing, finance and business expertise to optimize the business selling price, utilizing local market trends, current and past sale prices, and other financial data/analysis in addition to marketing the business to get the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

For Business Buyers, understanding the market is critical. Working closely with his clients to research recent sales and market demographics Renato helps identify the best businesses that meet their specific business, personal and financial requirements.

For Business Investors, South Florida is one of the largest investment markets in the world. Whether it’s a local resident looking to make a first business purchase or a seasoned investor or a private equity firm looking to add to its portfolio Renato can help to better understand the South Florida market in order to make wise investment decisions.

Other Pursuits and Passions

When Renato is not helping his clients, he enjoys photography, travel and our beautiful South Florida beaches with his wife and family.

Renato holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada as well as extensive business management training. Renato holds several Patents related to telecommunications technology.

  Renato Mariani
  Vice President
  (305) 793-4210

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