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David Kammet

David Kammet, President of Kammet Enterprises, Inc. is a licensed Business Broker in the state of Florida. He has over 30 years experience as a business owner in New York and Florida. His portfolio includes a consortium of parking garages, speaker systems manufacturing, shipping and logistics, commercial laundry plant and most recently merchant processing. He is recognized as Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist and Business Consultant and represents buyers and sellers throughout the state of Florida, the United States and across the globe. He excels as much in sales as in management and operations. David Kammet holds his license with the Amerivest Group, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

In today's market, David sees his role as varied. He works closely with owners to develop growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions, maximize value and minimize risk in selling businesses and attracting the right buyer for the transaction. His keen experience in negotiating complex business dealings facilitates successful transactions. David assists in all facets of the transaction, handles all matters confidentially and sees each deal through to completion.

  David Kammet
  Regional Director
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Buying or Selling a Business is a Full-Time Job for
Full-Time Professionals

And that fact is even truer when the professionals are part of an organization like the Amerivest Group.
Founded in 1983, there is no one better equipped than the experienced Amerivest Group Business Advisors. After all, our financial and marketing professionals have been bringing Business Sellers and Buyers together for more than 35 years.

Please review my credentials and be sure to check out About Amerivest. Together we are a powerful combination that will help accomplish your business objectives faster and easier.

Whatever type of business you’re selling or buying – from traditional main street retailing, service providers, restaurants, to complex distribution and manufacturing – we have successfully managed transactions for them all.