Amerivest Group


Hi David,
I want to tell you that your professionalism led us to the right buyer. Everything went smooth from the start thanks to your diligence. I will gladly recommend you to others who are buying and/or selling their business.

Joy Dry Cleaners

He had 3 buyers within less than 2 weeks. All was sold and settled in less than 3 months. Money in the bank, happy customers on both sides and best of all, David is very pleasant and likeable besides knowing his business. Any of my needs or questions were answered quickly without excuses. I think he did anything needed and quickly with good communication. I highly recommend David Kammet.

Richard Guitar
A-Best Painting Contractors

As the owner of Sunshine Dry Cleaning LLC, I write this email to extend my appreciation and my gratefulness to you during the due diligence all the way till we closed the deal on Gateway Blvd, (Boyton Beach).

I particularly appreciate your professional mannser and your understadnign of ht ebuyer / seller needs during the course of the transaction.

Sammy Sarhan

Selling yoru business is not only difficult, it is very personal, David Kammet was able to calmly navigate the numbers, concepts, different personalities and bring me to a successful closing. From the moment I spoke with him on the phonel I felt reassured that he was the right person to entrust this huge task to. Throughout the months I worked with David, I found him to be trustworthy, diligent detailed and above all else a steady peacemaked to being all sides together.

Barbara Kamhi
Delray Beacy Florida

I just wanted to take a monute and say what a great job David Kemmet did as amy realtor in purchasing my business. David make the process so simple and easy. He was always available for my questions, which he always answered in detail. He was very proactive in getting me all th einformation I needed. David's knowledge of the entire process was exceptional. His expertise was a key factor in solitifyinf my purchase. I would highly recommend David as a realtor and most certinly do business with him again.

Brian Stweart
Owner, Cocoanut Palm Cleaners

I have known David Kammet for aproc. 12 years, first as a Supplier of Professional Services to my Dry Cleaning Business, later as an accomplished Licensed Business Broker, to currently a valued personal friend.

David was instrumental in procuring the purchase of an additional Dry Cleaning Establishment, to later succeed in the Sale of said business, in the most professional and expedient manner. Many Business Brokers are eager to list your business, tellin gyou what you want to hear, that your business will fetch top dollar, to just get the listing, to then sit on th emarket for many years, due to artifically high business evaluations. David values a business correctly and it truthful reliable, honest, hardworking and will not waste your time. I founf David to be equally knowledgeable and beneficial when purchasing a business and when selling. David, having been a past small business owner, knows bth sides of the transaction, thus has personal experience in buying and selling his own business.

Many brokers will tell you how to buy, run and sell a business. David speaks from experience doind it all, and the right way. I have engaged numerous business brokers throughout my small business ownerships and would rank David Kammet as number one in my book. Any broker can list your business. You need a broker that can Sell your business for the correct price, at a reasonable time frame. Look no further.

Jeffrey Roth