Amerivest Group

To best serve you, we have joined forces with Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) , who have been providing merchant service processing to thousands of merchants for over 30 years.

We have two solutions to help you accomplish this goal:

1. Save 100% of your current Merchant Service (Credit Card) Fees!

Here at Amerivest, we help merchants collect a hundred percent of their sales revenue. You no longer need to pay processing fees by subscribing to our Cash Discount Program. There is a small monthly administrative fee of $20 for this service.

2. Save at least 40% of your Merchant Service Provider Processing Fees!

Amerivest will guarantee you a minimum of 40% savings.
Your total monthly charge includes non-negotiable Interchange Fees
( payments to the credit card companies or banks ). The Merchant
Service Provider adds on a surcharge. We can reduce that amount
by at least 40%.

Amerivest Group
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Phone: (561) 239-0068

Please contact Frank anytime with your questions about reducing your merchant services (cc) fees.

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